What You Should Pay Attention to When Choosing a Leather Sofa

There are three types of leather materials commonly used for sofas, namely genuine leather, synthetic leather, and suede. Among the three, a sofa made of genuine leather has a very high resistance. Under normal conditions of use, this material will last a long time because the leather fibers are not easily broken or cracked. It’s just that, make sure the leather sofas in stock is not constantly exposed to sunlight so that the color does not change quickly. Although the price is quite expensive, genuine leather is the right choice for those of you who prioritize durability.

Synthetic leather sofas are an economical version of genuine leather with a very similar appearance. However, synthetic leather sofas have various color variants because they use a mixture of chemicals. The color is not easy to fade, you know! Even so, its resistance is relatively low compared to genuine leather. Synthetic leather is not as elastic as genuine leather so it cracks or breaks faster after use. This is reasonable considering the price is also quite different. However, synthetic leather is the right choice if you want to have a sofa like genuine leather with minimal funds.

Meanwhile, the sofa made of suede offers a comfortable softness on the skin. Suede material also does not heat quickly when exposed to direct sunlight. Suede from genuine leather has good durability, although it is not as strong as genuine leather. On the other hand, synthetic suede has inferior resistance to genuine suede at a price that is certainly more economical. The main drawback of suede, both synthetic and genuine, is that it is prone to stains. If it gets spilled, the stain is difficult to clean. Apart from that, if you are looking for a sofa that is soft on the skin, we recommend a sofa made of suede. To make it more comfortable to use, many leather sofas are equipped with various additional functions.