How To Prevent Mould And Dust On The Carpet

Carpet is a furniture that can beautify your room, can also be used as a children’s playground or a place to gather you and your family in front of the living room TV. However caring for the carpet can be troublesome because it has the potential to be mouldy and dusty, therefore it is important to keep the carpet dry and away from moisture. You need to make sure that you clean the carpet thoroughly by using professional help of full report service.

However, you also need to maintain your carpet regularly to avoid mites or mould. You need to clean it from a damp and dust by using a vacuum cleaner and you need to it twice a week. Vacuuming helps get rid of dirt, potential mould and residue from the carpet periodically. Perform daily cleaning with a broom and feather duster. It is also important to get rid of carpet fibres that are released which can trigger allergic reactions if inhaled. To prevent damp or musty smell, it is suggested to lay out carpets and drying them in the sun all day. Keep the carpet rolled up, not folded to prevent it from becoming moist and exposed to water or food spills. It is advisable to place a bag of silica gel in a carpet roll to keep it dry and not damp.

If your house or residence is in a humid area, you should choose a lightweight cotton carpet. When it rains or in humid weather, the cotton carpet dries faster. The carpet in your house has started to smell bad? This unpleasant odour certainly disturbs the sense of smell around the house. Want to get rid of the unpleasant smell on the carpet? Baking soda can be a solution to get rid of smelly home carpet. It’s easy, pour baking soda on the carpet, leave it for 15 minutes. After settling for 15 minutes, to be more sleek clean the carpet using a vacuum cleaner. That way the unpleasant smell on your carpet will soon disappear.

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