Influence Of Fashion Among Teenagers

The development of an era that is supported by good technological developments, of course, produces various kinds of new things which will make it easier for the community. In terms of fashion, it has an influence, namely the emergence of various new trends that are considered to always exist in their time. With this development can be from all kinds of ideas from technology to the way they look. of each of these developments, of course, will cause a sense of interest for anyone who glances and of course will cause a perception that is considered cool if we follow these developments. Therefore, not a few people follow the development of these ever-changing trends, especially when viewed among teenagers who have a very strong curiosity and desire to know something new.

One of the most visible developments in the way they dress or fashion is usually used or liked by young people today. The fashion appearance includes clothes, pants, skirts, dresses, and other accessories as well as various things related to them or things that can make them look attractive. By combining these things, of course, they will create their style or something that is of fashion value to them. Many of them think that with the fashion they can show their characteristics and personality. Thus, fashion has a positive influence on the development of fashion among teenagers which will make them more creative and brave with their confidence to show their identity with their passion.

Especially now that there is a trend, namely how to create a virtual fashion show, which can make it easier for us as fashion lovers to always get what’s new in the fashion world. The use of virtual means has indeed begun to be applied by the fashion industry to make it easier for them to reach their consumers.

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