All About Aikido

From the beginning, they were only interested in the cool action of action actor Steven Seagal, many people actually got various benefits from aikido martial arts. Martial arts from Japan that foster calm, peace, and patience. The peace that is achieved from aikido is also what attracts the hearts of many people. Aikido is unique because it can be learned by people of all ages. The following below, will briefly review what are the common techniques for all of us to know.

In this technique, the main focus of the movement is the rotational wrist lock which directly applies tension along the shoulders, elbows and arms when facing an opponent. Although it looks complicated, this technique is also one of the most widely used. This technique is also known as the pronating technique where the pressure is applied to the top of the spiral along the stated area of ​​the body on the opponent we are facing.

This fourth teaching is a technique that focuses on controlling the shoulder which is arguably similar to ikkyo (technique number 1). However, what distinguishes this technique is that we need to make movements using both hands while gripping the opponent’s forearm. The focus of the grip is none other than that part. Our knuckles from the palm side of the hand need to be applied to the opposing radial nerve that is facing us. This application can be done on the periosteum of the forearm bone where it is the part that will get pressure and automatically the opponent’s body area will make it difficult to move.

In this Gokyo technique, the main focus is on the reverse grip movement on the opponent’s wrist. Basically, this technique also has similarities to ikkyo but what makes the difference is the reverse grip. Not only that, but also the medial rotation of the shoulder and arm are things that need to be mastered. Meanwhile, the pressure is directed downwards at the elbows when practicing this technique. So it can be said that this gokyo is a variant of ikkyo, as well as the yonkyo that we previously discussed. This technique is also commonly used to deal with opponents who might use weapons.

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